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Web Design & Development

Plenty of experience in this field, and Web sites have been designed since 1993.

Before WYSIWYG editors existed this meant typing the code in by hand (oh, what fun we had!)

graphics : optimise : grandmothers : free?!

Now with the advent of sophisticated Web editors, the emphasis has shifted firmly to the aspect of design, leaving the designer to concentrate on the site appearance.

Graphics: Flash or otherwise

Plenty of experience with all aspects of Web design and graphics, including advanced Flash animations and forms. I also use LiveMotion and Swish.


This is the key. You can make a good looking site, but how efficient is it?

At the date of writing, 20% of the country still don't have Broadband and it is reckoned that many people simply move elsewhere if the page takes longer than 10 seconds to load.


The trouble is, everyone and their grandmother think they can design good-looking and effective Web sites. Wrong! As a freelance journalist writing for Web and Internet magazines, I see it from another aspect, where so-called "Webmasters" ask me how to solve their problems...


Have we helped you?

If we have offered our help and you would like to make a donation, please forward a cheque to Acorns Children's Hospice or pay online – with thanks.

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Sample Sites:

All the sites mentioned below were designed and developed entirely by David Encill, with a little help from Peter Armitage of SabreTech Associates Ltd, when more sophisticated Javascript routines were required!

Acoustic Who - a tribute band to Townshend's songs: supported foc.

The Apostrophes - 2-man guitar band: supported foc.

AstroArt - site designed and developed for David A Hardy, Britain's (the World's?) foremost space artist. - detailing the domestic glassware from Chance Brothers.

Clear House - Birmingham based clearance centre.

Cortex Design - this site. - the portal site for the Encill family.

Encill-art - the personal art and graphics site by David Encill

Facets of Glass: Charles Hajdamach's site. - site for 20th Century European art glass. - covering the work of a very talented and underestimated artist. Wife of the famous British composer, Gerald Finzi.

Kenneth Townsend - a tribute to the humourous world of Kenneth Townsend

Mike Hatton Jazz - Midlands based bass guitarist and singer (coming soon).

Poole Twintone - the svelte and modernist pottery from Poole, called Twintone.

SabreTech - a company involved with developing hardware and software solutions.

Utility Glass - exploring the industrial output of glass, whether for commercial or domestic use.


Sometimes we even offer my expertise free of charge. We like to see people succeed in what is a fairly tricky subject and appreciate not everyone uses the Web commercially!

Naturally we are probably not going to design a complete Web site, unless there is a very good reason (charity, for example), but assistance will be rendered where possible.

Penwork Ministries
A charity supporting foreign prisoners with aid, letters and gifts. Another example of a site supported and maintained free of charge.

Northern Ireland ME Association (NI MEA)
A support group to help anyone suffering from this debilitating disease

Toc H In Touch (coming soon)
A support web site for the In Touch magazine

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