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Turn a project into reality!

Can we publish your book?

They say that every book tells a story, and everyone has a story to tell!

Do you have a book that you wish to be published? Or a fledgeling project that you would like to see reach fruition?

Please contact us and we will give a frank and truthful assessment.


Send us a synopsis of your book: Mail us a Word document (Word 2000 compatible), or similar.

This should briefly explain the project that will give us an insight into how best to market it.

Explain what type of a book it is: guide, novel, anthology, biography, etc.

See for advice on how to take and edit photographs.

Once the manuscript is accepted you need to:

Provide image, photos, illustrations to accompany the text.

Provide captions for each photo and illustration.

Indicate in the manuscript the ideal place to put photos.

A full Guide Sheet can be provided on request.

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Our Commitment

If we agree to publish your book, a dedicated web site will be produced under the guidance of the author. This has a multiple function: to enable the author to provide new information, to encourage interaction with the author and to promote the book.

We also aim to provide the author – new or experienced – with guidlines to writing good copy, advice with taking photos and can supply all services to suit.

Designers, photographers, copy editors and proofreaders will all work with the author. At all stages, we work with the author to design and develop the product to produce a mutually acceptable product.

The Contract

Our contract is designed to take the mystery out of the author/publisher relationship. We provide higher than normal royalties and give the author a free rein to produce their own work, while providing any help or guidance as necessary.

We also do not insist on rigid time-scales, and will not commit the author to a set number of words or illustrations. Instead, Cortex Design will give general guidelines for which the author can target. We believe that giving the author a free rein to submit the manuscript that they are happy with achieves a much nicer product, which can otherwise be detrimental.

We may, however, make suggestions on how to improve the book, but these will not be stringent demands, but helpful advice.

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