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Anne Wilkinson
Historian and writer with interests in gardening history, Poole pottery, research.

Poole Twintone
More information on Poole tableware.

Blue Henry
The fascinating history of the blue glass sputum flask!

David A Hardy
One of Britains leading space artist - nuff said! Oh, I designed Dave's Web site as well!

Dr. Mark Garlick

Superb space imagery from an astronomer. Also some surrealistic stuff.

Dr. Alan Powers
The personal web site of the author of The Worlds of Giordano Bruno

Claire Smith

Digital space art and also some superb pencil sketches - take a look at the Clint Eastwood picture

The Family Art Site
Check out the family dawbs!


Acorns Children's Hospice: working to provide support for children who are life-limited, and their families.



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