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Chance Additions
A Sequel to Chance Expressions:
The History of Domestic Glassware from Chance Brothers

Chance Additions could almost be considered to be Vol.1½ as it fills in the gaps that remained after Chance Expressions was published. Inevitably, these were important findings and it would have been remiss if these details were not made available.


The full details of the latest finding will be posted here in more details, when the book is ready.


Available in 2012

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Chance Additions - book cover

Chance Reflections, Vol.2
The History and Technology of Chance Brothers, 1824–1981

Includes a short study of the Birmingham glass industry from 1750.


As the Chance Archives are now being made publically available, it is intended to research these documents thoroughly over the next two years to ensure as many of the facts and figures are made available.


The archives cover 300 large boxes and 400 ledgers, so this is not a minor undertaking. See Laura Brett's blog on the archiving of the records.


Due in 2014

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Chance Reflections book cover

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